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Content Marketing Is What To Focus On!

“Content Marketing is the only marketing left” -Seth Godin

“No matter what, the very first piece of social media real estate I’d start with is a blog” -Chris Brogan

“I could make the argument that there is already plenty of content and that curation is as valuable service as creation. I don’t know if the world needs more creators, it could probably needs more curators” -Guy Kawazaki

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Fresh & Optimized Content? Why & How?

Social Media growing influence on both people use of internet and search engines “fresh and news seeking” algorithms is strengthening the importance for all size companies to generate fresh and optimized content on their website or blog in order to be visible and generate traffic. Content curation is probably the best way to easily generate search engine friendly content day after day.

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Sharable & Friendly Content? Why & How?

Being visited, seen and read isn’t enough today for a website or a blog. Whether it is a personal, a corporate blog, an institutional website or e-commerce portal. The way people react to your content by sharing, commenting, liking, following…will determine your consistent rankings, traffic, visitors and buyers!

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Monetized & Manageable Content? Why & How?

Now that you know it is important and want to generate fresh, optimized, sharable and friendly content on a regular basis, you want to be sure it worth it on the long term. Your articles will be a real asset if they stay aligned with your monetization or lead generation goals today even if published 1 year ago! That’s why being able to easily manage older content is key.

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Bulk Update & Manage Articles

Keep older articles aligned with your current goals (monetization, product launch, list building, promotion) with our unique 1-push-button system.


Enriched & Monetized Social Sharing

Easily enrich your links withyour current goal in mind (monetization, product launch, list building, promotion) before social sharing.


Assisted Sourcing & Publication

We help you find topic related links and content to share and publish on demand by post scheduling.



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Easy Embedding

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Make your curated articles written by writers within the curation software.


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